Who Is the Angry Bagel Boss Guy?

The Internet is transfixed by "the Angry Bagel Boss Guy," a new fixture in viral video infamy who was caught on camera shouting obscenities at a Long Island bakery last week. Unlike many viral video stars, however, this one is speaking out beyond his initial 15 minutes of fame, and the results are unsurprisingly combative.

The "Angry Bagel Boss Guy" went viral on Wednesday, when a clip of his outrage went up on Twitter. After berating fellow customers and staff members, he was knocked to the ground by an angry customer before the video ended. The story doesn't end there, however, as the New York Post tracked him down.

According to the report, the "Angry Bagel Boss Guy" is 45-year-old Chris Morgan. He reportedly has a reputation in the community for "fighting with homeless people" and general stirring up trouble.

“If you’re looking for the short guy who is angry, he’s around the corner fighting with the homeless people," a local told reporters.

Morgan's own living situation may not be ideal either. He reportedly lives out of his minivan, a red 2008 Chrysler Town & Country, which he parks at a deli that generously allows him use of their parking lot and restroom.

Morgan told the reporters that his tantrum in Bagel Boss on Wednesday started because the female employees were "giggling" at him and "acting like they were in high school." He reiterated the angry points from the video about feeling belittled by "women in general."

“It’s about belittlement, what she was doing! Giggling, all this crap!” he said.

Morgan went on to say that his remarks about dating sites were not unfounded either. He noted that he is divorced, and attempts at dating have been difficult on him lately.

“Being used by women, going on dates, they lie, say they like me and then use me for my money!” he said.

As for his new viral fame, Morgan seemed to take it in stride rather than feeling ashamed. He compared himself to Martin Luther King Jr., and even went so far as to say that the video has helped in his romantic endeavors.

“I’m famous. A bunch of famous people are looking at my video,” he said. “I got girls hitting on me I don’t even know.”

Morgan also told reporters that he had filed a police report about the man who accepted his challenge and attacked him in the video.


“I’m going to be pressing charges eventually,” he said.

Morgan has provided the Internet with a wealth of other videos of his outrage through his YouTube channel, where he can be seen yelling at cashiers, neighbors and even police, often referencing his height.