Parker McKenna Posey Dishes on Going From ‘My Wife and Kids’ to the ‘Drama, Lies’ of BET’s ‘Games People Play’


Parker McKenna Posey Dishes on Going From ‘My Wife and Kids’ to the ‘Drama, Lies’ of BET’s ‘Games People Play’

Ring Camera Catches Trespasser Licking Doorbell for 3 Hours

Police in Salinas, California have arrested a man caught on security cameras licking a residential doorbell for three hours.

The footage, published by the bay area's KRON, comes from early on Saturday morning. A man who police believe is Roberto Daniel Arroyo approached the Dungan family's doorbell and proceeded to press his tongue against it. He stayed there for hours, licking the doorbell and loitering on the front yard.

"Pretty creep stuff," Dave Dungan told reporters. He said that he was out of town at the time of the intrusion, but his children were at home. They slept through the early morning, however, and did not know until later.

"Comical in a sense," admitted neighbor Francisco Javier Estrada, "but we have to keep our eyes open make sure it’s nothing more than that."

The Dungans' security system is activated by motion, so they were notified of Arroyo bustling around their entrance. While he was there, he also stole some extension cords which powered Christmas decorations on the family's front lawn.

"I thought boy there's a lot of traffic. I go 5:00 in the morning, my son doesn't get home till 6:00, so I started reviewing the videos well who the heck is that," said Sylvia Dungan. "This just kind of re-enforces how important it is to have security within your home."

The Dungans reportedly put in their high-tech security system less than a month ago, and police appreciate it. Miguel Cabrera of the Salinas Police Department said that security systems like this make their job a lot easier.


"We were pleasantly surprised the image was so clear it didn't take us long to identify the individual," he said.

Police caught up with Arroyo at last on Monday night, according to a report by The Californian. In this case, the charges will reportedly amount to petty theft and prowling — both misdemeanors. In the meantime, the Dungans say that they have thoroughly cleaned their doorbell and all of their knobs with bleach.