Burger King Adds 3 New Items to Menu

Three brand-new menu items are featured on Burger King's bill of fare this summer in the U.K., in the form of two new sandwiches and a cheesy side.

For a limited time only, Burger King is releasing the Jalapeño BBQ Double XL burger and the Mango Chili Chicken Tendercrisp sandwich alongside Chilli Cheese Bites. Until the end of August, customers in the U.K. can enjoy the new yummy options for under £6 each.

The £5.49 Jalapeño BBQ Double XL burger features two beef patties, cheese, bacon, lettuce and jalapeños, packing in 860 calories. The £5.19 Mango Chili Chicken Tendercrisp sandwich consists of a Southern fried chicken patty with lettuce, coming in at 590 calories. The Chili Cheese Bites consist of deep-fried cheese with a crispy chili coat, at 370 calories for a 6-piece.

(Photo: Burger King U.K.)

While Burger King customers in the U.K. may be relishing the opportunity to try the new menu items, their enthusiasm is unmatched across the pond in the U.S. after video footage surfaced earlier this month of rats running across food in one of the fast food restaurants.

Two rats ran through a bag of burger buns in footage captured in the kitchen of a Wilmington, Delaware restaurant, according to NBC Philadelphia 10. The video, uploaded to Facebook by Shantel Johnson, went viral and led to a Division of Public Health Office of Food and Protection inspection. The office received a complaint along with a copy of the video.

The inspection turned up even more concerns (like mouse droppings inside hamburger and chicken rolls, on the floor, near the water heater, near soda boxes and behind fryers — as well as flies in the kitchen, a leaky ceiling fan and chewed-through plastic) and the store was immediately closed due to the unsanitary conditions.

The store was allowed to re-open after another inspection following new immediate changes by the owner to ensure a similar situation wouldn't happen again.

"Food safety and hygiene is always a top priority for us," Burger King said in a statement revealing the franchisee was allowed to reopen because they had taken "appropriate measure to address the issue and prevent this from happening again in the future."


Adding to BK's woes was the news that came earlier this year of Taco Bell overtaking the burger chain as the fourth largest fast-food chain in the U.S., according to a February report from research firm Techmonic. Taco Bell joined McDonald's (No. 1), Starbucks (No. 2) and Subway (No. 3) as the top four most-profitable fast food establishments in the country.

While Burger King's sales rose 1.5% domestically at $9.3 billion, Taco Bell's jumped by 5% and $9.8 billion.