68-Year-Old Man Stabbed to Death, Left in Streets

A 68-year-old man was stabbed to death in Wichita, Kansas Friday night before the suspect stole the man's pickup truck and left the victim in the street.

Police officers responded to a call about a stabbing on South Erie Street around 10:30 p.m. Friday night. The victim was found in the middle of the street, Officer Charley Davidson told Kansas.com.

The man was driving a black 2003 Chevy Z71 Silverado extended cab truck northbound. Police believe the victim and the suspect knew each other, and were in the truck together. At some point, they stopped the truck and left it to fight out on the street.

During the fight, the suspect stabbed the man several times. Afterwards, the suspect fled the scene in the car.

"Apparently there was a truck coming down the street and it stopped and the driver jumped out and was running and yelling for help and the passenger jumped out and chased him down and at that time they were struggling and that's when everyone thought it was a fight," a woman who saw the fighting told KWCH. "Come to find out, the guy was being stabbed to death."

The woman was with her daughter, who tried to revive the victim with CPR before emergency crews arrived. She said she does not know what started the fight.

"I feel for his family you know," she told KWCH. "He was someone's son, dad and probably grandfather and that was very tragic."

On Saturday, police said they arrested a 53-year-old suspect in the stabbing. He was booked into jail for first degree murder. According to KSN, police found the suspect after someone called 911 with the location of the truck.

Police ask anyone with information on the stabbing to contact Crimestoppers at 316-267-2111 or Wichita police at 316-268-4407.

"I stay in my house and I keep my doors locked because I'm afraid, and I don't like being afraid," Helen Drake, who lives in an apartment near the scene of Friday's stabbing, told KSN.

"It's like one thing after the other over here, not too long ago, there's been several people shot and killed," another resident told KSN.


In May, Kansas.com reported that homicides in Wichita doubled in the first four months of 2018, compared to 2017. From January to April 2018, there were 16 homicides in the city of about 380,000, with three more homicides in May.

District Attorney Marc Bennett said Kansas' largest city is on track for 55 to 60 homicides this year. There were 38 people killed in all of 2017.