Texas Domino's Provokes Outrage by Labeling Customer's Pizzas 'Lady With Muslim Husband'

A Texas Domino’s is facing backlash after being slammed as racist after labeling a customer’s pizza “lady with a Muslim husband.”

Amber Nasim, from Baycliff, Texas, says that she picked up a to-go order from Domino’s pizza on the night of Friday, March 2, when she noticed that the order had been labeled “lady with a Muslim husband.

“When they handed me the pizza, they turned it around backwards to hide what they had done. 'I saw them trying to hide it. I'm not going to lie, I flipped out. I started cursing and yelling and flipping them off,” Nasim told local station KHOU 11 News.

When ordering her pizza, Nasim says that she requested a clean cut on two of the pizzas so that the pork products from one pizza with ham wouldn’t touch the second pizza. She made the request because her husband, Wajahat, is Muslim and practices religious dietary restrictions.

“They handed me my pizza with this ['lady with a Muslim husband'] on it rather than my name…this kind of hate and racism has to stop,” Nasim reportedly wrote in a Facebook post following the incident.

A corporate Domino’s spokesperson issued a statement to KHOU 11 News stating that Nasim “did not receive the service or respect she should expect from our brand. As a walk-in customer, we should have asked for her name and number to identify her order, which did not happen on this particular busy night. A special request she made on behalf of her husband for a clean cut on the pizza, due to religious considerations – which is something we accommodate regularly without issue – should not have been used to identify her or her order.


The statement continued, stating “The team member involved has been reprimanded and feels badly about this incident. We welcome the opportunity to speak to her and offer her our heartfelt apology and make amends.”

While Nasim said that she is willing to forgive Domino’s and the employees responsible for the label, she won’t be ordering from the pizza chain again.