Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill Reveals What Song He Listened to Before Killing Osama Bin Laden

On the night SEAL Team 6 raided Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan, Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill had a special music choice picked out to get himself pumped up.

O'Neill, who is credited with firing the shot that killed the leader of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group, said in an interview with TMZ on Saturday that he played the song "Red Nation" by west coast rapper The Game.

"On the night of it, yeah I listened to Red Nation by The Game," O'Neill said. "He's got some good stuff going."

The song was released in 2011 on The R.E.D. Album and featured Lil' Wayne. Sampling Kenkraft 400 (a popular techno song adopted by many soccer fans as a chant), the song delivers some intense lyrics.

"Lookin' in the mirror, I'm no where to be found, Blood, I'm a dog, call me a blood hound, Throwin' blood in the air, leave blood on the ground," Game sings in part of the refrain.

The operation was carried out on May 2, 2011, as it took just 15 minutes for the Navy SEAL team to raid the compound and carry out their mission.

O'Neill was reportedly involved in more than 400 missions, and left the Navy in 2012 after 16 years of service with the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer with two Silver Stars and four Bronze Star medals.

When asked if he's ever had to pay for a drink since it was revealed he was the one who shot and killed Bin Laden, O'Neill said humbly that it's not always the case.

"That's not necessarily the truth," O'Neill said. "I'm pretty quick with a credit card. They've been pretty generous about it."

When asked if he'd ever met the rapper who helped him get ready for the operation, known as Operation Neptune Spear, O'Neill said no, but he'd be all for it in the future


"Let's set that up, I'd love to," he said.

O'Neill released a book titled The Operator in 2017, where he described his life in the military, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and finally his participation in killing Bin Laden.