Piers Morgan Jeered For Calling Tom Brady 'Graceless'

Piers Morgan is facing backlash after penning a column criticizing Tom Brady for being a sore loser after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII Sunday night.

In his column for the Daily Mail, the conservative British journalist ripped Brady for jogging back to the Patriots' locker room when time ran out in the fourth quarter instead of shaking the hand of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, who was named the MVP trophy.

Morgan called Brady the biggest loser of the night "not because the Patriots were defeated, but because he behaved like a spoiled brat when they were defeated."

The journalist agreed with Brady, who in his post-game presser said "losing sucks" — but argued that what "sucks" more than losing is "losing in a manner so shockingly graceless that the whole of America watches and thinks ‘LOSER!’ - and not just because your team didn’t win."

"It takes one second to shake your opponent’s hand in such a moment when the whole country is watching," Morgan wrote. "It can take a lifetime to repair the damage when you don’t."

Morgan concluded by writing that instead of the greatest of all time, Brady will "just go down as the 40-year-old superstar who sulked like a tantrum-throwing toddler when he lost. And that, in the end, will hurt him more than any Super Bowl defeat."

When the 52-year-old shared his column on social media, many fiercely defended Brady.

"wow this is rich coming from the guy that screams and moans while demanding sackings every time we lose!" one person wrote in response.

"you've defo never watched an NFL game other than SuperBowls," someone else said.

"He walked off back to the locker room, hardly a tantrum, and this after your tantrum'S at the bbc last week," one person wrote, referencing Morgan's anger at a political cartoon published by BBC.

Another suggested Brady simply wanted "to let Foles have his moment."

"Piers I like you but this is just silly. Tom Brady is a legend, GOAT, You can't expect someone who wants to win and does it so often to be happy in defeat. Especially the way it was done. He has everyone's respect," another person said.