Apple Just Revealed the iPhone X

During the highly anticipated keynote event on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the company’s newest devices, iPhone X or known as iPhone 10.

(Photo: Apple / Live Stream)

Soon to be launching the premium version of Apple’s flagship device, Cook revealed the company will be launching the iPhone X, a smartphone defined simply by its exclusivity.

Featuring an all-screen display, facial recognition software and wireless charging, the new device will be a lot like the original, but higher priced and constrained in availability as a way for Apple to track new technologies with a smaller pool.

Additionally, users can expect the home button and Touch ID obsolete too, as these two fundamental elements of the Apple devices will now be replaced with facial recognition scanning, allowing owners to unlock the phone simply by looking at it.

(Photo: Apple / Live Stream)

Apple has ditched the home button on the X too. To unlock the device, users just have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen, that's it. Using a TrueDepth camera system, the X is made up of an infared camera, flood illuminator, dot projector, and front camera. Touted more more fluid and more intuitive, it also unlocks using new facial recognition technology called Face ID.

Aware of your attention, the Face ID technology is conscientious of your face. They developed multiple neural networks to process this technology as Apple built a neural engine to grow with you. Users don't need to be nervous either as your face data is protected by a secure enclave, with on-device processing that is not sent to a server.

It was revealed that the chance that a random person could use your fingerprint is 1 in 50,000. With Face ID, Apple says chances are one in a million that a random person can unlock iPhone X with their face.

For those obsessed with communicating in the form of emojis, the new software update will also feature Animojis, which lets you create custom animated messages that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions.

The iPhone X TrueDepth camera allow for better selfies. You can take portrait mode and lighting on the front too, still with 12MP cameras. The iPhone X, like the 8 models will also include the A11 Bionic chip.

Battery life has been upgraded too, with two hours more than iPhone 7 and has wireless charging devices, that are Qi-certified.

One of the most obvious changes will be the elimination of the bezels above and below the iPhone X’s screen. While those along with the Home button have been customary in defining the iPhone from its competition, it replaces those highlights with a larger screen, 5.8 inches to be exact, making it a full faced screen — a trend many smartphone manufacturers are tackling this year.