Woman Brings Spaghetti to Movie Theater in Plastic Bag and the Internet Is Divided

It's no secret that plenty of people sneak their own snacks into the movie theater, but one woman's take on the trick is on a whole new level.

The woman's boyfriend called in to film podcast /Filmcast to reveal her unusual move, which consisted of sneaking homemade spaghetti into a movie theater in plastic bags.

David Chen, who co-hosts the podcast, later tweeted visual proof of the noodles.

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A friend of the couple also chimed in on Twitter, sharing a text exchange in which the woman explained that she didn't want to eat popcorn for dinner, thus the pasta.

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Naturally, the internet had thoughts about the whole thing. Some people loved the idea, while others were slightly discomfited.

Others shared their own tales of outrageous theater snacks.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @davechensky