Top 10 Fashion Trends to Look for This Fall

It might be easier to learn calculus than to figure out the latest fashion trends. Each season there are literally dozens of new trends hitting the runways. And this fall is no exception. There are excessively long sleeves, military inspired coats, off-shoulder jackets, brightly colored velvet dresses and shearling coats, among others.

In this top ten fall fashion trend guide, I break it all down for you to make it simple. No math required. These trends are all wearable -- elements of each can easily translate into the ‘real’ world.

(Photo: Getty / Catwalking)

1. Plush Velvet
One of the most popular trends this season will no doubt be velvet. It is an incredibly feminine fabric that looks quite luxurious too. Think about picking up a velvet blazer or beautiful velvet dress in a bold berry tone.

(Photo: Busbee Style)

2. Statement Chokers
The accessory of the moment is no doubt the 90’s-inspired choker. Wear one piece and keep it simple, or pile on the layers for added drama. Just keep in mind that these necklaces highlight your neck so if you are not fond of that feature, you may want to steer clear of this one.

3-Sachin & Babi
(Photo: Sachin & Babi)

3. Fall Florals
Floral prints are not showing any signs of slowing down. The print gets a seasonal update with edgy, darker tones and weightier fabrics. Try wide leg floral print trousers or a beautiful brocade bomber.

 4-Pascal Le SegretainGettyImages-545138628
(Photo: Getty / Pascal Le Segretain)

4. Statement Furs
The key word being ‘statement.’ Look for extraordinary pieces with chevron stripes, creative patch-working, and unexpected colors like pastels and bold blues.

5-Victor VIRGILEGettyImages-511491870
(Photo: Getty / Victor Virgile)

5. Golden Girl
Think shiny, lamé-like, liquid gold and silver. Pair your glittery metallic pieces with some neutral basics for balance.

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6. Military Coats
The one big standout trend in outerwear is the military style coat. You’ll see them in varying lengths and colors. Look for one in army green or a beautiful shade of burgundy.

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7. Exposed Shoulders
One of the best body parts to show off, your shoulders! Whether it’s off-shoulder, one-shoulder, or shoulder cutouts, this is a trend, women of all ages and body types can embrace.

Christian VierigGettyImages-514205662
(Photo: Getty / Christian Vierig)

8. Bomber Jackets
Throw a bomber over your distressed jeans and tee for an easy, street chic look. It’s a simple way to add some edge and modernity to your look. If you want to really step up your game, look for a printed, embellished, quilted or shiny bomber.

Victor VIRGILEGettyImages-513960310
(Photo: Getty / Victor Virgile)

9. Ruffles
Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles. This feminine design detail will add volume so be sure to style it accordingly. For example, if you are bottom curvy or larger through the hips and thighs, wear a ruffled top (as pictured above). In contrast, if you are bigger on top, wear ruffles on your lower body.

(Photo: Getty / Catwalking)

10. Embellishments
Look for luxe and intricate embellishments this season on everything from your shoes to your evening gowns. This stunning Alexander McQueen gown isn’t necessarily practical (or in the budget) for most of us. Try an embellished bag or bomber jacket instead.

The key with fashion trends is to identify the ones that most align with you and your personal style. Then you can skillfully and efficiently look for pieces with those specific ‘trendy’ design details. The bottom line is, if it looks and feels like you, you’ll be comfortable and confident wearing it.