Yvette Nicole Brown Drives up Laughs in New Audible Original Series 'Vroom Vroom' (Exclusive)

Striving to take the art of storytelling to the next level, Audible is expanding its growing network with a robust and brilliant lineup of original, scripted audio shows that offer listeners premium content we've come to love. Among the streaming platform's slate of new scripted Audible Originals is the hilarious Vroom Vroom — a scripted workplace comedy following employees of a "certified pre-owned" car dealership trying to stay afloat as they seize their slice of the "American Dream." Lending her voice and vibrant personality to the seven-episode series is award-winning actress Yvette Nicole Brown, who tells PopCulture.com exclusively, Vroom Vroom was too hysterical for her to pass up.

"Well, Josh Koenigsberg wrote it, and it's hilarious, and then when I found out that Andy Richter was going to be a part of it, I was like, 'I'm in!'" Brown told us in our series, PopCulture @ Home, further likening the show to radio plays from the 1940s. "I remember as a kid listening to — I think it was War of the Worlds. It was one radio play I heard when I was a kid that scared the crap out of me. It felt like the aliens were landing right outside the house, and so though this is a sitcom in audio form."

Brown goes on to share how it's been "cool" to create something where people can listen and see a whole world born from just an aural sense. "I was like, 'I'm in. Let's create something where people can use their imagination to imagine what this Fjord dealership looks like,'" she said.

Admitting she has visited many certified pre-owned car dealerships, Brown shares how she understands the "situation" all too well for so many of the employees. "I know the struggle. I know everything about it," she said. "I can just reach back in my mind to all the clunkers I have bought in my life, so I totally got it."

The workplace comedy, starring Brown alongside the likes of Richter and Futurama's voice actor John DiMaggio, is set at a dealership in upstate New York and one that finds the team banding together over one week to keep their business alive. The unconventional scripted comedy rooted in family values is one that Brown is proud of too.

"I love things that are about one thing, but really touch on other things," she said of the show recorded before the pandemic lockdown this past spring. "I love shows like The Walking Dead and Friday Night Lights. They're not about zombies and football — that is the thing that gets you in. [But] you stay because of the relationship between the people and I think that's true for Vroom Vroom as well."

Vroom_Vroom Cover Art
(Photo: Audible Inc. / Audible Plus)

Brown goes on to praise her Vroom Vroom co-stars, revealing that while she and DiMaggio got to work together on Pound Puppies a few years back alongside several other shows, it was the "first time" she actually got to work with "all of those brilliant people" in one room, recording the series. "It is a special pleasure as an actor to get to play with other actors and see their facial expressions and to see them trying to stifle a laugh because you said something and it cracked them up, or they say something that moves you, and you're like, 'Oh, that was really good,'" she said. "You can't take away that feeling of being in a room."

Adding how the whole experience was "really great," it was also a pleasure for her to perform with all these "brilliant" cast members. "You got to make sure you're not geeking out while you're doing your lines for Andy Richter, so it's a lot of fun. I love that I got to be there when he took the step in front for this. He's exactly what you think he is. He's the kindest, funniest, silliest man — he's a joy," Brown said, further sharing how he's exactly who he appears to be. "I think that when someone's kind, that's the nicest thing you can say about them. If you were to meet him at a grocery store, wearing a mask, you would have the same experience as if you watch him with Conan [O'Brien] on television. He's really a good guy."


With all seven episodes now available on Audible for listeners to tune into, Brown hopes Season 2 is a reality, as "there's a lot of story" left to tell. "I don't know how Audible decides how it's going to bob and weave and move to the next thing, but I would absolutely love to come back and be Janelle again," she said, adding how well-produced the series is and admitting it could be produced as an actual sitcom at the likes of NBC. "The characters are so well-formed that it could be an actual sitcom — that's how great the script is. That's how great Audible produced it. It really is a sitcom that you listen to. It's really wonderful."

The Audible Original production Vroom Vroom is now available exclusively on Audible and within the Audible Plus catalog. For more on Yvette, Audible and all your favorite stars, keep it locked to PopCulture.com for the very latest!