'Wednesday' Could Be Leaving Netflix Soon

A Hollywood legal quirk could take Wednesday off of Netflix, but it isn't likely. This week, The Independent made waves on social media with a report pointing out how this Netflix original series could make the jump to Amazon Prime Video instead. However, all things considered, it is more likely that the two companies will come to an agreement and Wednesday Season 2 will premiere on Netflix.

Wednesday is a Netflix original series, but it is produced by MGM Television, among other studios and companies. In March of 2022, Amazon closed a deal to acquire MGM, meaning that Amazon now has a stake in Wednesday. However, that doesn't mean that previously-signed contracts can be changed, and MGM will need to honor its agreements with Netflix regardless of its new parent company Amazon.

A follow-up report by What's on Netflix determined that Netflix has the option to renew Wednesday for a second season. Sources familiar with the terms of their deal said that Netflix has a predetermined window to make a decision about the renewal. During that time, MGM can't entertain offers from any other streamers – including its new in-house service Prime Video.

If Netflix cancels the show or makes no decision by the end of this period, then the insider speculated Amazon would most likely pick up the show itself. However, Netflix knows this as well as anyone, so it's unlikely things would go that way. Wednesday Season 1 has been a huge hit for Netflix, even breaking records for viewership on the service. By some metrics, it exceeded Stranger Things.

That means the power is in Netflix's hands to hold onto Wednesday, and it most likely will. It's unclear why a renewal hasn't been announced yet given the show's immense success. At times Netflix has kept renewal plans secretive, sometimes holding out for a major event to announce an anticipated project with maximum press.

On the other hand, a report by Deadline suggests that Netflix may be keeping this conversation behind closed doors as it works out some kinks in the production process. While Prime Video can't host the series, Amazon can now exert some control over how it is made through MGM. That raises some interesting questions about Amazon's new power to sabotage the production of its competitors.

Wednesday isn't the only show produced by MGM and streaming on a competitor's service. MGM also produces The Handmaid's Tale for Hulu, Fargo for FX, Last Light for Peacock and Vikings: Valhalla for Netflix. Insiders do not expect any new oversight of Amazon after this deal, but they confirm that everyone involved is well aware of the implications.