'Typewriter': New Netflix Series Reportedly Scares Viewers Stiff, Incurs Loss of Sleep

Netflix may be at the center of plenty of jokes when it comes to its lackluster selection of [...]

Netflix may be at the center of plenty of jokes when it comes to its lackluster selection of horror titles in its streaming library, but a recent addition to the streamer is changing that. Typewriter, the latest series addition to Netflix's slate of Indian original content, is so terrifying that some viewers are being forced to turn the series off, with some even reporting that they are losing sleep after watching it.

Debuting on the streaming giant on Friday, July 19, the Sujoy Ghosh-directed series follows a group of three young friends in Goa, India on a quest to capture the ghost that plagues the notorious home in their neighborhood. When a new family and their daughter move into the home, the group finds it difficult to balance the demands of school and chores with capturing the ghost before it's too late.

Netflix subscribers eager to tune into the series upon its debut got more than they bargained for, however. Since its premiere, social media has been flooded with comments from viewers so disturbed by the series that they are experiencing negative affects.

"I'm feeling so helpless!!! I tried watching #typewriter in the daytime but could barely watch the first episode. Don't know how will I muster the courage to finish this till the end. Scary!!" one person wrote. "[Sujoy] this is called being true to the genre."

"Finished watching #typewriter ( Netflix) season : 1 .. all 5 episodes at a one go !" another commented. "Thank you director #sujoygosh for a thrilling horrific experience and I hate you for destroying my sleep !!"

Another Twitter user warned would-be viewers that Typewriter is "definitely not for the faint hearted," noting that they "couldn't see it without looking around to check if all ok in the house!"

The series is also being compared to other popular series and franchises, including Stranger Things.

"#TypeWriter gives vibes of Stranger Things with concept of Kids solving a big supernatural mystery while adults watch," one person wrote. "A well paced thriller by [Sujoy] doing a decent job. Its worth watching for kids specially. The old antique Typewriter u ever see will give you the scary feel."

"#typewriter was so good that I binge watched the entire series in one go..!" another wrote. "I can almost say it's a mini Indian version of Stranger things and I mean that as a compliment."

Starring Purab Kohli, Palomi Ghosh, and Sameer Kochhar, Typewriter is in good company in the "causing sleep loss" genre. Following its premiere in October of 2018, viewers of The Haunting of Hill House reported incidents of sleep anxiety and sleep loss.

Season 1 of Typewriter is currently available for streaming on Netflix.