Twitter Livid After Chelsea Handler Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Appearance

Chelsea Handler sparked some outrage on Twitter this week with a video mocking Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The video shows comedian Fortune Feimster doing a make-up tutorial parody as Sanders, complete with comments and quips about the Trump administration.

Of course, the backlash online was quick and merciless. People responded saying that Handler is a false feminist for claiming to support women, yet attacking their appearance when it's convenient for her.

Handler actually took the time to respond to that tweet, writing, "This woman deserves to be taken down. She is pure evil." But that didn't get her very far with these responders.

Others used the opportunity to attack Handler for her personal struggles with alcohol.

And some responses got even more vitriolic.


Fortune Feimster, the comedian who appears in the video, retweeted Handler, and summed up the responses pretty succinctly.

Chelsea is running through the end of 2017 on Netflix. After that, Handler says she'll be pursuing political activism full time.