'Triple Frontier' Ending Teases Possible Netflix Sequel

Triple Frontier has hit Netflix, offering action fans with a heist thriller to remember. However, there may be even more thrills in store, based on the film's ending.

Spoilers ahead for Triple Frontier.

After the main heist of the film, the crew has loads and loads of cash. Upon further inspection, it seems like too much cash. The team drops off informant Yovanna (Adria Arjona), who presumably takes Santiago "Pope" Garcia's (Oscar Isaac) gift of plane tickets to Australia and begins a new life.

However, the escape from South America takes numerous rocky turns. The crew crashes their helicopter, leading to Tom "Redfly" Davis (Ben Affleck) murdering several villagers. As the crew hauls their cash over the Andes Mountains, a teenager from the village ambushes them and kills Redfly.

The team carries Redfly's body, along with the cash down the mountain, but soon realize that if they continue their path, the money will be taken by a new set of villagers. The crew decides to ditch any cash they can't carry in a nearby ravine, which is nearly impossible to access and will soon be covered in snow.

This would leave viewers to believe that the crew's mission basically failed with hundreds of millions essentially thrown in the garbage. However, the movie's final scene provide hope for a possible salvage mission for the hundreds of millions of cash they left behind.

As the team members depart, Pope and William "Ironhead" Miller (Charlie Hunnam) look towards the future. Pope reveals he is headed to Australia with hopes of reuniting with Yovanna. Ironhead is headed back to the U.S. to bury Redfly.

Just before they depart, Ironhead hands Pope a folded up piece of paper. On the paper are coordinates for, presumably, the ravine holding all their money.

"Maybe we can go do something good with it one day," Ironhead says.

Ironhead walks away, and Pope looks blankly ahead, realizing the possibility of getting the money back one day.

This is likely just a nice narrative moment to signify the men's haunting desire to one day be rich. However, it could just as easily be seen as a tease for a second mission sometime in the future. The squad could hypothetically return to South America, grapple down and retrieve the money and escape, with only the nearby villagers to deal with.

There have been no rumblings of a sequel as of press time, but fans can hold out hope for another team-up somewhere down the line.


Triple Frontier is now streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix