'The Wheel of Time': Prime Video Drops Epic Teaser for Season Finale

The Wheel of Time is wrapping up its premiere season this week, and it looks like the finale will be its best episode yet. Amazon Prime Video released a 30-second teaser for Episode 8, "The Eye of the World" on Monday, giving fans a glimpse of what comes next. If you have been waiting to binge-watch the show all at once, now would be the time to get started.

Fair warning: there are spoilers for The Wheel of Time ahead. The teaser shows some incredible shots from Episode 8 that look as epic in scope as anything fantasy adaptation fans have ever seen in Middle Earth, Westeros or anywhere else. It looks like Fades (Myrdraal) will take an active role commanding hoards of Trollocs in this episode, laying siege to a wall that is several stories tall. We also see a line of mounted cavalry charging through the Blight, led by Lord Agelmar (Thomas Chaanhing), hinting that the Borderlanders will see some action before the season is up.

Perhaps most exciting for fans, however, is a glimpse of Barney Harris as Mat Cauthon. He appears momentarily as a man's voice says: "All five of you will have a part to play." After Mat's surprising disappearance in Episode 6 and his absence for all of Episode 7, some fans predicted that we wouldn't see him again until Season 2.

That is in part because Harris is the only main cast member who will not be returning for Season 2. Back in September, it was announced that Harris had left the series and that actor Dónal Finn would take over his role. Many fans are disappointed, having grown attached to Harris' portrayal of the fan-favorite trickster, so they will be glad to see him at least one more time.

The Wheel of Time was renewed for a second season way back in May, long before the series premiered. This allowed the cast and crew to get right to work on the new installment after wrapping up Season 1, which filmed right up until the last minute due to COVID-19 delays. According to The Prague Reporter, Season 2 began filming in July and is scheduled to continue shooting until February of 2022.

The Wheel of Time has been generally well-received so far, with many fans commenting online that they are withholding judgment on certain changes from the books or depictions of events until after the season finale ends. On Friday, Dec. 24, they will get their chance, and it doesn't look like they'll be disappointed.