The Try Guys Speak out About Ned Fulmer's Workplace Affair Scandal

"The Try Guys" spoke out about their former member Ned Fulmer in a new video published on Monday evening. Last week, Fulmer admitted to cheating on his wife, Ariel Fulmer, with a colleague, and the scandal consumed social media. Now that the dust has settled, the group's remaining three members have addressed fans directly about what has happened and what comes next.

"Ned Fulmer is no longer working with The Try Guys," Zach Kornfeld began in the new video. "By now, we're assuming you've seen the Reddit threads, and TikToks, and tweets, and news articles. We want to give you a timeline of what's transpired and some transparency into our decision-making. Throughout this video, there will be things that we want to say or go into further, but as I'm sure you're aware, there are some legal issues we have to consider as we go through everything."

Kornfeld and his castmates Keith Habersberger and Eugene Lee Yang then set the record straight on how and when they learned about Fulmer's infidelity. For those unaware, Fulmer had a secret affair with a woman who worked with the Try Guys, in spite of the fact that his dedication to his wife and his family was an integral part of his brand as an entertainer. Fans spotted him on a date with his colleague on Labor Day weekend, which is how Kornfeld, Yang and Habersberger learned about the scandal.

In the video, Habersberger said that when they confronted Fulmer, he told them the affair had been happening for a while in secret. He then explained how they had undertaken an investigation that included lawyers, publicists and human resources experts, saying: "We just want you to know that we had no idea this was going on. All of that information was just as shocking to us as all of this has been for you this week."

As for what comes next, the trio said that some of the videos that had been filmed and ready to release have been edited to remove Fulmer from them. Others will not be released at all. Kornfeld said: "There are several videos that we've deemed as fully unreleasable. You will never see them, and that is due to his involvement... It's a decision we stand by proudly."


Kornfeld noted that the Try Guys lost quite a bit of money by scrapping those videos, but they decided to stay the course anyway. However, there are some sponsored videos that were filmed before Fulmer formally left the company, and he can't be edited out of those. Fulmer has not yet commented publicly on Monday's new video or any related stories. His public statement on the scandal, in general, is still his most recent post on Instagram.