'The Ranch' Welcomes Back a Beloved Bennett Family Member in Part 8

The Ranch welcomed back one of its beloved characters for Part 8, the Netflix sitcom's final outing. While this character had not been seen for it a bit they were a welcome surprise and stayed for multiple episodes of the final season.

Spoilers ahead for The Ranch Part 8.

In Episode 6 of the batch, entitled "Not Everything's About You," Bennett family matriarch Maggie (Debra Winger) returns after a notable absence. Maggie was sidelined during Part 7, being as she was travelling the country with her cancer-stricken sister Karen (Nancy Travis). In Part 8, that journey had ended, and she was back in Colorado.

"Oh, Bennett. There's a Democrat on your land," she announces as she greeted son Colt (Ashton Kutcher), ex-husband Beau (Sam Elliott) and his new wife Joanne (Kathy Baker).

After a series of warm greetings Beau replies, "Just like a democrat. Can't stop hugging."

Maggie then congratulates her ex on his new marriage, saying, "Congratulations on the wedding. Well, to you, Beau. So sorry, Joanne."

Colt then buts in, wondering where his souvenir from her stay in Florida is. In Maggie's reply, he get an unfortunate update on Karen. Sadly, character passed away from her illness.

"Hey look, if you forgot to get me a souvenir from Florida, that's OK 'cause you can just go get me the new Call of Duty," Colt says. "They did some post-production in Tampa, so it counts."

"I did get you a gift, Colt. When your Aunt Karen passed, I made a donation in your name to the American Cancer Society," she says.

We then see a tender moment between Maggie and Beau, as he consoles her on the loss of her sister.

"I'm sure it wasn't easy losing Karen," Beau says.

"I'm alright. We actually got pretty close the last couple of months," Maggie says, jokingly adding,"It's a shame she didn't get cancer sooner."

That night, the Bennetts gather for a family dinner. There, Maggie updates them on what he life is like now and how she plans to spend the future. However, it does not sit well with everyone.

"After the holidays, I'm moving back to Florida, permanently," she tells the family. "I found a really great place to live, with some really amazing people. It's called Sunrise Eco-Village, which I know you hate all three of those words, but it's just an amazing place where we are all living together and share the resources and responsibilities. It's an 'intentional community.'

She adds, "During Karen's illness, the community really took us in. Everyone's equal. So, if you can help, then you give it. But when you need help, you get it."

"Oh, so it's communism," Beau replies. "I fought that s— in Vietnam, and I'll fight it in f—ing Florida."

"I know how it sounds, but it's not a bunch of old hippies getting high. Well, it's not just a bunch of old hippies getting high," Maggie says. "I mean, we all work together, and we raise our own crops, and livestock, so my ranching skills are very valuable there."

Colt then accuses her of "bailing" on the family, but she stands firm. She reveals her plans to sell off her properties but still continue to visit. However, that means she'll be investing into her community, which does not sit well with her loved ones.

"I'm not bailing on anyone. Y'all are still my family," Maggie says. "I'll come and visit all the time, but as far as my life here, I'm gonna sell the bar, and the hunting cabin, and my trailer, and use that money for housing and whatever's left over, I put into the community fund."

In response to her family's ire, she adds, "Everyone contributes, no one's forcing me.This is what I wanna do."

Maggie returns for the rest of Part 8, sharing some big scenes with Beau, Joanne and others. She even hosts a blowout bash at her bar to close out the series.


All episodes of The Ranch are currently streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/Netflix