'The Ranch' Part 7 Ends With Huge Cliffhanger That May Leave a Character Dead

The Ranch Part 7 has been on Netflix for a little over a week now, and fans who have binged all 10 episodes were treated to a heck of a cliffhanger to close out the chapter. At the end of Part 7 (the first half of Season 4), a violent altercation occurs that possible leads to another character's death. Furthermore, the incident would make another character a murderer.

Spoilers ahead for The Ranch Part 7.

At the end of Part 7, the Bennett family discovers that Nick (Josh Burrow) is back in town and has gotten Mary (Megyn Price), the ex of Rooster Bennett (Danny Masterson back under his thumb. Fans will recall that Nick ran Rooster out of town, leading Rooster to his presumed death. In return, Beau Bennett (Sam Elliott) runs Nick out of town. However, he did not stay in exile very long.

Abby (Elisha Cuthbert) lets the family know about Nick's return in the final minutes of Part 7. Beau becomes distraught, describing Nick as "bad f---in' news" to nephew Luke (Dax Shepard), who has yet to meet Nick. Colt goes upstairs, clearly bothered, but telling his family to call the cops while he checks on he and Abby's daughter.

Beau's new wife Joanne (Kathy Baker), agrees with Colt's idea, saying, "If Mary's in danger, we'll call the cops."

"F--- that," Beau replies. "I told that assh--- to never come back here."

Joanne replies, "What are you gonna do?"

Beau goes to his gun cabinet, pulls out a handgun and says, "What I should have done last time."

Joanne pleads with him to contact the police instead, but he cites their inaction surrounding Nick's role in Rooster's death.

"We tried that with Rooster," Beau says. "They didn't do s---."

After Beau marches out, Luke, who briefly dated (and married) Mary earlier in Part 7, soon follows.

"I'm not gonna sit here and do nothing," Luke says.

As Abby and Joanne try to grapple with what might take place, they spot Colt sneaking out of an upstairs window. Abby rushes out in an attempt to stop him, even threatening that they will never get back together if he leaves.

"After what that guy did to Rooster? You want me to do nothing?" Colt says, soon driving off to join his father and cousin.

In the next scene, Nick arrives home to his trailer via motorcycle. He walks in, closes the door behind him and greets an unknown intruder.

"The f--- are you doing here?" Nick says, not addressing whoever is inside by name.

A gunshot then rings out. It is unclear if it hits Nick or not, and the shooter is not shown before the credits roll.


All episodes of The Ranch are currently streaming on Netflix. Part 8 is expected to premiere some time in 2020.

Photo Credit: Netflix