'The Ranch' Kills off Major Character in Part 6

The Ranch featured a major death in Part 6, marking a dark ending to a surprising storyline from the Netflix comedy series.

Warning! Spoilers for Part 6 of The Ranch Below

After a rather open ending to Rooster's (Danny Masterson) story on the sitcom following his firing, the series picked up right where the cliffhanger left off with the search to find out what happened to Colt's (Ashton Kutcher) brother.

In the midseason premiere, Colt grows suspicious when Rooster fails to show up to work on the Peterson ranch, seeing that his bike is gone and no one has heard from him. After contacting the police, Billy tells Colt about ex-con Nick threatening his brother, warning him not to do anything stupid.

The episode ended with Colt getting into a fight with the ex-con as he demanded he confess what had happened to his brother.

In Episode 2, however, police find Rooster's motorcycle at the bottom of a ravine and reveal that the man was driving too fast on a curve, drove off the cliff and fell to his death.

After the reveal Colt remained in a major state of denial, convinced that Rooster faked his death so he wouldn't be running from Nick his whole life. The reveal leads both Colt and Beau (Sam Elliott) to want to kill Nick themselves, though Beau just threatens the ex-con and forces him to leave town for good.

The family later gathers and hold a memorial for Rooster, after the search-and-rescue efforts are called off. Rooster is presumed dead, and a search and rescue recovery team is tasked with doing their best to find his remains.

Colt continues to be in denial about his brother's death until he finds a package waiting for him on the porch. Supposedly sent before his accident, Rooster sent Colt a onesie for his soon-to-be-born niece and a note thanking him for making their dreams come true.

The present leads Colt to accept the loss of his brother and he then eulogizes his brother.

The storyline wraps up Rooster's storyline following Masterson's firing from the series for multiple allegations of sexual harassment.


Ahead of the release of Part 6, fans of the sitcom commented on social media their hopes for Rooster to return. With his death, however, it seems that Masterson will not be making a comeback, unless they introduce ghosts in later episodes.

The Ranch Part 6 is now available to stream on Netflix.