'The Ranch' Fans Can't Believe Netflix Series Is Over

Fans are in tears after Netflix's longest-running comedy series The Ranch officially came to an end on Jan. 24. The series had been a staple on the streamer for years and maintained widespread praise despite controversies it found itself caught up in, and as Netflix dropped the final batch of episodes earlier this month, many viewers took to social media to react to the series finale.

"Just finished part 8 of [The Ranch] on [Netflix]," wrote one fan. "Up all night watching! I am so bummed it is over but absolutely loved the cast and the writing. Laughed the whole way through! Great ending to an awesome show!!"

"Binge watching the entire last season of [The Ranch] was an evening f—ing well spent," added another fan. "Gutted it's over, but a brilliant finale, really did the show justice... great job [Ashton Kutcher] [Elisha Cuthbert] [Dax Shepard] 'we got her back' and you smashed it."

"[The Ranch] part 8 was amazing I'm sad it's over but in my opinion I think they ended it beautifully," tweeted one viewer. "Part 8 was amazing I'm sad it's over but in my opinion I think they ended it beautifully."

"Just finished binge-watching the final 10 episodes of [The Ranch]," commented another person. "Fantastic finale to say the least! I still can't believe it's officially over. Hands down one of my favorite shows."

The final 10 episodes of the series officially dropped on the streamer on Friday, Jan. 24, bringing The Ranch's total episode count up to 80 and cementing its place as the streamer's longest-running comedy, beating Fuller House by five episodes.

The Ranch first premiered in April of 2016 and centers on the Bennett family and stars Kutcher as Colt Bennett, who returns to his family's Colorado ranch to reconnect with his family.


Created by Don Reo and Jim Patterson, Netflix announced in June of 2019 that the series would be coming to an end with Part 8, the 10-episode second half of the series;' fourth season.

All seasons of The Ranch are available for streaming on Netflix.