'The Big Show Show': Allison Munn Reveals New Details About Netflix Show's Storyline Ahead of Premiere (Exclusive)

The Big Show Show is coming soon to Netflix, and more details about the plot are slowly emerging. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, star Allison Munn shared some information about the new sitcom, which she says will "fill that need" for shows the whole family can watch together. From the sound of it, it has something for everyone.

The Big Show Show is the latest Netflix original series to build on the multicamera sitcom format in front of a life studio audience. It stars the WWE's The Big Show as a fictionalized version of himself, and Munn as his "spitfire" wife, Cassy. Previous press releases and announcements have given precious few details about the show's story, but Munn filled us in.

"Well, when we first meet Cassy in the pilot, she's going through a big life change because she has been married to The Big Show for many years and he's been away almost all that time," she explained.

Much like in real life, this version of The Big Show has spent much of his career performing in tour all over the country. Munn said that the pilot episode of the show kicks off with his retirement, but he does not come home alone.

"So in the meantime, while Big Show's been gone, she has raised their two kids — they have two kids together — and there's one daughter from a prior marriage that comes to live with us in the pilot because he's now retired," she explained.

Three young actresses have been cast in The Big Show Show: Reylynn Caster, Lilly Brooks O'Briant and Juliet Donenfeld. While we do not know which is the newcomer to the household yet, it seems safe to guess that it is not Juliet's character J.J., as she is the youngest.

As for Cassy, Munn said that her character has some exciting opportunities to spread her wings now that her husband is helping out at home.

"While he's been on the road all these years, I have maintained a really good real estate job. But now that he's home, I feel like Cassy is able to expand her horizons and really start to dream big."

"Her big dream is to have her face on a bus bench," Munn added with a laugh.

Munn made The Big Show Show sound like the kind of unifying program that is so often missing in today's TV climate. She said that "there are definitely jokes for the grown-ups, and there are some storylines that the kids are gonna love."


"I just feel like Netflix has done a great job, and our writers, Jason Berger and Josh Bycel have really gotten the tone right because I know as a mom I'm always looking for shows to watch with my kids," she said.

The Big Show Show is set to drop on Netflix some time this spring. No official release date has been announced yet.