'Tell Me A Story' Star Danielle Campbell Previews New Character's 'Dark' Twist in Season 2 (Exclusive)

Danielle Campbell will be taking on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale on Tell Me A Story Season 2, but is she playing the classic's titular character? The actress opened up to PopCulture.com about returning to the CBS All Access anthology series for its second season, and teased her character this time around might have secrets of her own.

In Season 1, Campbell played Kayla Powell, a high school senior who after moving to New York with her father becomes entangled in a complicated relationship with one of her teachers. She played the Little Red Riding Hood of the season. For Season 2, Campbell will be immersed in the Sleeping Beauty storyline — alongside fellow Season 1 alum Paul Wesley and new cast member Odette Annable.

The new story also takes the action to Nashville, Tennessee, which Campbell said in an interview during a set visit on Nov. 19 brought an entirely new feeling to the series. "I'm really enjoying shooting in Nashville, which is a cool addition to the show like I wasn't expecting to come back for another season, and then to be able to shoot in another city as well is really, really, really cool," she said.

"I think what I'm enjoying about the season the most is the character that I get to play," she added. "She's a lot darker than what I played last year... it's going to be a lot of fun."

Campbell plays Olivia Moon in Season 2, a woman who moves to Nashville to further her career aspirations and is forced to show her true colors in order to survive.

"She's a lot darker," she teased, comparing her to her Season 1 role. "I think that's probably the only thing I'm allowed to say otherwise, because the twist that she has creates the rest of the duration of her storyline.

"I think she's a girl that, from the very beginning, everyone knows she's being a sweet girl who gets stuck in a situation she doesn't want. [The situation] makes her secret explode."

The actress shared the series' relocation to Nashville made production of Season 2 feel like she was on a completely new project. "I think in combination with being in a completely different city, and new cast it feels like I'm working on a different project," Campbell said. "So, I love that. My favorite thing about acting is playing a character and seeing the story through and then starting a new one."


"That's why I think after playing on a TV show the same character for a number of years, I get antsy and I want to play something different," she added. "So, I think that's great, the blessing of the show has been able to do that."

Ready for a new wild season? Tell Me A Story Season 2 premieres Dec. 5 on CBS All Access. New episodes will be made available to stream every Thursday.