Steve Harvey and Neil deGrasse Tyson Debate Science vs. Religion in 'Steve on Watch' Exclusive Clip

On an upcoming episode of Steve on Watch, host Steve Harvey and guest Neil deGrasse Tyson engage [...]

On an upcoming episode of Steve on Watch, host Steve Harvey and guest Neil deGrasse Tyson engage in a spirited back-and-forth over one of humankind's long-running topics: science versus religion. In an exclusive clip from the latest episode, Harvey explains that while he was raised religious, he believes in science. Though he then goes on to argue that science hasn't been able to solve some of life's biggest unanswered questions, like where the universe came from in the first place.

Tyson, meanwhile, quipped back that it's just a matter of time before science is able to do so. He then counters to Harvey, pointing out that no one has been able to answer the question of where God came from, either.

As the two continue their spirited debate in a manner that's both respectful and entertaining, it's unclear if they'll end up actually finding some common ground, or simply agree to disagree. The mystery will remain until the full episode premieres on Facebook Watch on Monday, March 2.

Over New Year's Eve, Harvey was hosting a televised special on FOX when guest Rob Gronkowski grabbed a nearby LEGO bust of the host and threw it on the ground, scattering the meticulously assembled pieces everywhere. While social media reactions poured in almost immediately, many were left to wonder if the segment was genuine or just a bit. Harvey recently revealed to TMZ that the whole thing "was an act," adding that "Gronk's a cool dude, I like him."

It turns out that not only was the whole thing was staged, but Gronkowski ended up doing Harvey a favor. "My wife ain't gonna let me put no LEGO statue of myself up in our house anyway," the host said about the now-destroyed LEGO bust. "Yeah, it was going to be in the trash."

Tyson, meanwhile, has been balancing his time between astrophysics and pointing out the various inaccuracies in movies via Twitter. Most recently, Tyson took on the Disney/Pixar sequel Frozen II as well as the Netflix drama, A Marriage Story. Although the latter was less about science than semantics, as Tyson tweeted that it should have been called "A Divorce Story."

Back in 2018, Tyson also made a surprise appearance along with fellow scientist Bill Nye in the final season premiere of The Big Bang Theory.

The new episode of Steve on Watch will be available to stream on Monday, March 2 on Facebook Watch.