'Schmigadoon!' Co-Creator Cinco Paul Discusses 'Wide Variety of Musicals' Featured in Season 2 of Apple TV+ Series (Exclusive)

Schmigadoon Season 2 is underway at Apple TV+, and the new episode features a "wide variety of musicals," according to showrunner/co-creator Cinco Paul. In an exclusive conversation with PopCulture.com, Paul opened up about crafting the new season, revealing he experienced some hesitation early on. "I'm proud of the show. Initially, I felt a lot of pressure to do a Season 2," he shared, "and thought like, 'Oh, what if it stinks? What if nobody... everybody says Season 1 was great.. but Season 2 is no good.'" Paul then said, "But I'm feeling like everybody together, we created something pretty special and I'm really proud of it. So I'm excited for finally, it takes a long time to make these shows for everybody to get to see it.

This time around Melissa Gimble and Josh Skinner — played by Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key, respectively — in Schmicago, a musical city with a seedy underbelly. Speaking about all the new eras of Broadway shows that they were able to pay homage to, Paul explained, "We had such a wide variety of musicals to take from. In Season 1 we're working with a palette of Rodgers and Hammerstein, basically, and a little bit of Music Man." 

He continued, "I think maybe the parody or the satire or whatever you want to call it, is a little clearer when you've got Godspell and Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar in one section of town, and then you've got Chicago and Cabaret in another, and then Sweeney Todd and Annie and Oliver in another. So it's a wide variety of musicals, right? The musical theater just exploded in this era. So much variety. I think because of that, it was really fun to play with Andrew Lloyd Weber, sort of rock musical, but then also get to do Sondheim and Kander and Ebb. All over the place."

One new element for Schmigadoon Season 2 is the use of a narrator in Titus Burgess. Referring to the comedic actor as "a miracle," Paul said, "Every line reading, he brings something, he makes it as funny as it could possibly be and as interesting it could possibly be." He also commented on Burgess' "insane" vocal range and added, "Writing that song, 'Famous as Hell,' with him in mind was really fun because I was like, 'Oh, Titus is going to be able to hit those high notes like Judas does in Jesus Christ Superstar. He's going to get to wail.' So, so grateful that we got him. He just killed it as our narrator."

Finally, when asked if there was a Season 1 cast member he was particularly excited to build a new character around for Season 2, Paul first confessed "the honest answer is everybody, of course," but then admitted there was one actor he felt was not used to their full abilities initially. "Dove [Cameron] is someone that I feel like we kind of underutilized during Season 1. We didn't give her enough to do. So I was really determined to right that wrong in Season 2."

Paul added, "We gave her this Sally Bowles, Velma Kelly, the Charity Valentine sort of character, and really let her show what she can do because she's amazing and she's so smart and funny and sings like a dream. I wanted to give her more musical numbers and just more to do in general. And she killed. I'm really proud of Dove. I mean, I don't want it sound to like I feel like I'm her dad, but in some ways I do." He then said, "I'm really excited for everybody to see what she can do this season." The first three episodes of Schmigadoon Season 2 are now streaming on Apple TV+, with new episodes debuting on Wednesdays.