'With Love' Season 2 Is Officially Happening at Prime Video

Amazon has announced that the hit Prime Video rom-com With Love will be coming back for Season 2. According to Deadline, the romantic comedy from Gloria Calderón-Kellett is officially returning with brand new episodes. However, at this time, With Love Season 2 does not have an announced premiere date.

With Love follows the lives of the Lily Diaz (Emeraude Toubia) and her brother Jorge Jr. (Mark Indelicato), as they search for love over a number of holidays throughout the span of a year. There is no word on what fans can expect from Season 2, but we do know that Season 1 ended on a big cliffhanger that viewers want answers for. Additional With Love cast members include Constance Marie, Benito Martinez, Andre Royo, Pepe Serna, and Renée Victor.

Back in December, Calderón-Kellett sat down for an interview with Screen Rant and opened up about how she came up with the concept for the series. "Well, I love the holidays. The pandemic was very heavy and, at Christmas time, I love watching Love, Actually and Elf and those holiday rom-com," she said. "It really occurred to me, 'Where are we in those? We don't exist.' With One Day At A Time, I was able to put a Latino family in a modern sitcom space, and I wanted to do the same. I wanted us to exist in this space, and the holidays seemed like the perfect way to do it."

Calderón-Kellett continued, "Initially, I was thinking, 'I just want to show Nochebuena. People don't know that we celebrate Nochebuena.' Then I was like, 'Oh, we have so many good New Year's traditions, and I've never seen uvas [grapes] eaten, and all the traditions. Never seen that on TV in my life, it would be so cool to do that.' Then it just became like, 'How about I just do – Oh, my gosh! Guess what? There's holidays every few months. Let's do that.'"


The series creator then added, "I pitched it this year. I pitched it in January at Amazon, and I pitched it as 10 episodes for a whole year. They were like, "We love this. How quickly can you make it?" We could only do five to get it out by Christmas, which is why it's only five episodes. But it was just joyful. I think I needed to make it too; I think it was a heavy year. I got to enjoy making it with this beautiful cast, and now we get to put it out in the world as a little warm hug for everybody on the holidays."