'Power Rangers Dino Fury' Star Jordon Fite Talks History-Making Netflix Series (Exclusive)

Power Rangers began airing in the United States in 1993 and became a major success. Fast forward to 2022 and the series lives on with a new season called Power Rangers Dino Fury. PopCulture.com spoke to Jordon Fite who plays Aiyon, the Dino Fury Gold Ranger. He talked about why the new season of Power Rangers is making history. 

"Power Rangers is all about diversity, so that's the same," Fite exclusively told PopCulture. "But I feel like our season is a lot of firsts. It's a lot of firsts in our season. First LGBTQ, two African American Rangers on the same team. Our cast as a whole is just so loving and so enjoyable. So that's what I feel like that brings out, our season different from the other seasons."

The second season of Power Rangers Dino Fury began streaming exclusively on Netflix on March 3 with 11 episodes. The second half of Season 2 is currently in production. Overall, the Dino Fury seasons make up the 28th and 29th seasons of Power Rangers, but Dino Fury Season 2 is the only season to stream exclusively on Netflix. Other seasons in the past have aired on Nickelodeon, Jetix, ABC Kids and Fox Kids. 

And like many kids growing up, Fite was a big fan of Power Rangers. "I knew if I turned on that TV, I was going to see a roundhouse kick," Fite explained. "So that's all I really enjoyed as a kid. I loved it as a kid and then I eventually grew out of it. And then before booking the show, going through the audition process, when I first got my first audition, I went back and looked at some past seasons and seen what they were looking for. And just seeing the atmosphere of Rangers, and I knew then I was like, 'Wow, this series been around 30 years and is right in front of me to audition for and I have a chance and I have an opportunity to be on this show.' So I didn't take that for granted and I put my best foot forward."

The good news for fans is new episodes of Power Rangers Dino Fury are on the way as the second half of Season 2 is currently in production. And Fite is excited for fans to see what's next for the Power Rangers. "You'll just have to see in the second part of Season 2 what happens," he said. "But very exciting. I can't wait for you guys to see it. It's very exciting. Part 2 is just going to be ... You guys are going to be all over the place with that one. You guys are going to be okay all over. Y'all ain't going to know what's going on at that point. It's going to be crazy."