This Paramount+ Series Earns Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

One of Paramount+'s hit thrillers recently debuted its third season, and the new episodes have already earned a perfect score at Rotten Tomatoes. Initially reported by our sister site, ComicBook.comEvil — a supernatural drama series that moved to Paramount+ from CBS after its first season — has returned to wide critical acclaim. Currently, the show holds a 100% Fresh score with critics, and an 80% Fresh score with viewers.

Evil follows Catholic Church assessor David (Mike Colter), forensic psychologist Kristen (Katja Herbers) and skeptical tech-specialist Ben (Aasif Mandvi) as they investigate potential demonic activity around the world. The series also features Michael Emerson (Lost) as the group's ne'er-do-well antagonist Leland Townsend. The show was created by Robert and Michelle King, who also produce through their company, King Size Productions. The married couple recently extended their five-year overall producing deal with CBS Studios, which could mean more seasons of Evil in the future, as well as other potential new series.

Recently, Colter and Herbers sat down with for an exclusive interview about all things Evil Season 3, and the pair dished on what fans could expect this time around. "As an actor, I thought the way that it happened was just so beautiful and challenging," Herbers said. "To take it to that place [where] I'm really laying myself bare for him in everything that I feel awful about, and he accepts me still and loves me still. And then that transitions into passion and 'they kind of really could have it all,' but they really cannot. So I just thought that was a beautiful way to do it."


Regarding the nature of David and Kristen's relationship, Colter added, "I think [it's] also having him and Kristen fall into this accidental kiss in such a very vulnerable moment and then trying to figure out how to back their way out of that and [asking] where does that lead their relationship?" He added, "There's just a lot of awkwardness, a lot of uncertainty. And we can't sit in those feelings that long and so we have to push on, but they've come up with a clever device and a way for us to sort of still enjoy this idea and fantasize about what it is and how it would be, yet still not actually explore anything..." Season 3 of Evil premiered June 12, exclusively on Paramount+, with new episodes debuting every Sunday.