'Orphan: First Kill' Star Isabelle Fuhrman Talks Bizarre 'Life Imitating Art' Events Behind Paramount+ Movie (Exclusive)

Orphan: First Kill is a prequel to the original 2009 film, which stars Isabelle Fuhrman as orphaned Russian girl Esther, who is actually a grown woman with a disorder that makes her appear adolescent. The first film caused waves of shock after it was revealed that a version of the story, wherein an adult woman had been passing herself off as a child, had happened in real life. Now, with the second movie, the filmmakers have captured another bizarre "life imitating art" scenario practically ripped from the headlines.

Recently, PopCulture.com spoke exclusively with Fuhrman about First Kill, and she shared how Orphan actually never meant to be based on the real-life situation that happened at the time, as it all came to light while they were filming. "What's funny to me is that I think that it just goes to show how real horrifying events come from things that could be almost realistic," she shared. "Obviously, when the original instance that inspired Orphan happened, it actually happened while we were filming. The script was done. We were filming. We were in the middle of Canada filming the movie."

Fuhrman continued, "I was 10 years old, and this article came out about a woman in some country who was passing herself off as a 10-year-old boy and had murdered a family and burned a house down. And I remember they were all looking around on set going, 'Do we make it based off a true story?' It's like, 'No, it's too complicated. The movie's different, so it doesn't really matter.'"

She then went on to explain, "Part of the reason the prequel got made was because of that true story about that family in the United States that adopted a child and then was on Dr. Phil and the whole thing. That was a whole back and forth. So that was what originated the idea for us to take the prequel script out to get it made. And now with this on top of it, it really makes me think, 'I hope we didn't inspire any of these stories.' A, I don't think we did. And B, clearly we were onto something creatively. I think there is something about life imitating art in a weird, crazy way."

Furhman added, "I just hope that for the sake of the wonderful work that so many people do to get children adopted that this is not a common occurrence. I hope that people can just be... I always say myself that Esther would've had a way easier time and a way easier life if she just could accept who she was. You know? And I think it's because she can't accept who she was and who she is that she does horrible things to try and get people to fall in love with her. And if we can all just accept ourselves for who we are, then maybe we won't have adults pretending to be children and murdering people around the world."

Orphan: First Kill will begin streaming Friday, Aug. 19 on Paramount+. It will also be playing in select theaters and will be available to rent or own through certain streaming and VOD services. Fans can relive the original 2009 film, as well, on Paramount+ where it is currently streaming. Those interested in trying out a free trial of Paramount+ can do so by clicking here.