'Orange Is the New Black' Season 6: What Happens to Lorna and Her Baby?

Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black left the fates of several characters hanging in the balance, but none more so than Lorna Morello and her baby.

Spoilers for OITNB season 5 and season 6 are ahead.

Season 6 of the popular Netflix original series was full of ups and downs, and while some characters were forced to face the consequences of their actions in the season 5 prison riot, fan-favorite character Lorna Morello found herself focusing on her unborn child while in maximum security.

After an impromptu prison wedding to Vinnie Muccio, who she met through a prison pen-pal system, and a brief honeymoon foray in the visitation room, season 5 ends with Morello revealing to Nicky Nichols that she is pregnant, a fact that is confirmed by 12 pregnancy tests in the midst of the prison riots, and Nicky promising to help her through the pregnancy.

If fans had any doubt of her pregnancy after season 5 despite the multiple positive pregnancy tests, there was no doubt when fans saw a very pregnant Morello in season 6. In a new jumpsuit and representing C-Block, Morello bares a 7-month baby bump, lustrous hair, and the unfortunate side effect of morning sickness.

Although she was set to play an important role in the final battle between the warring C-Block and D-Block during the kickball game, which was supposed to just be a cover-up for a bloodbath, Nicky keeps her promise to protect Morello and her baby and convinces her to hide in a closet with her during the battle. However, in a twist of fate, Nicky is discovered and forced to head to the field, and a possible death, in order to keep Morello safe and hidden in the closet.

In a stark contrast to season 5, when Morello was oblivious as to what Nicky was going through when she was kidnapped by Piscatella, Nicky is oblivious to the fact that Morello goes into early labor while in the closet. The last that fans see of Morello is her being led down the hall by a prison doctor, screaming and clutching at her stomach as a blood stain is very visible on her pants.


Fans are left wondering whether or not Morello will have a healthy birth within the prison or lose the baby, and, if she does have a safe delivery, what that will mean for her in season 7 when she is forced to be separated from her child while she is still behind bars.

Seasons 1-6 of Orange Is the New Black are available for streaming on Netflix.