Olsen Twins Fans Call for Disney+ to Stream All of Their Movies and Shows

Disney's new streaming service, Disney+, may have an expansive catalogue that spans more than a thousand titles, but some fans are upset that one thing is missing. As subscribers continue to explore the new streaming service, many are calling for the addition of the entire Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen twins' library, including everything from Double, Double Toil and Trouble to When in Rome.

"Can someone tell me if all the olsen twins movies are on disney+," one person asked just days after the streamer's Nov. 12 launch.

"Disney+ but it's MK&A+ and they have all the Olsen Twins movies, tv shows and music videos," another suggested.

"If Disney Plus could just get the Olsen Twins cinematic library I'd never leave my house again," one Olsen fan wrote.

"Hear me out: [Dinsey+] but only Mary-Kate and Ashley movies," another tweeted.

After making their small screen debut as infants playing Michelle Tanner on Fuller House, the Olsen twins went on to create a tiny movie empire when they began starring in TV, film, and video projects together at the age of six and all the way through their teenage years. Beginning with the film To Grandmother's House We Go in 1992, they went on to star in a number of others throughout the '90s. They also starred in The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, a series of musical mysteries, from 1994 until 1997, along with a second video series, You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's..., which ran until 2000.

Although there's currently no word on if and when fans can expect the Olsen cinematic library to make its way to the streaming service, fans can get a taste of that nostalgia by heading over to Hulu. In May, the streamer added three films – 1998's Billboard Dad, 1999's Passport to Paris, and 1999's Switching Goals – to their streaming library.


Meanwhile, Disney+ subscribers still have plenty of viewing options, with even more set to be added in the months to come.