Netflix Party: How to Watch Movies and Shows With Friends While Self-Quarantined

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has been identified as a "pandemic" by The World Health Organization, many counties and states are finding themselves issuing strict rules, even going as far to set curfews or go on a total shelter in place like in San Francisco. Along those same lines, people across the nation are self-quarantining themselves to prevent further spread, besides those in Florida who spent their time on the beach.

With everyone being stuck inside, television has become quite the commodity. Disney+ realized this and decided to release Frozen 2 earlier than expected to give viewers something to enjoy. Netflix is following suit in doing what they can to accommodate the new audience. The streaming service has launched a new feature called Netflix Party.

This addition allows people to feel as though they're watching their movie or show in the company of another person or two. Netflix Party has the same feel as videogamers are used to when talking about an Xbox Party. Viewers will be able to access it by using an extension on Google Chrome. Through that, they'll be able to chat with one another. It wasn't listed as to what the maximum amount of people can be in a party.

It's not necessarily the ideal way to watch a movie in a group but at this point in time, it's the best practice in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Gamespot did a test on the service, explaining their account of how it looks and feels. The chat begins by sending a URL you are assigned and then a movie or show is selected. There is an option to have one person control what is being watched or all of those in the room can. The site compared the whole thing to being in an AOL chatroom as the back-and-forth chat carries on throughout the video being played.

The feature is officially available for download as an extension in the Google Chrome store.

On Monday, President Donald Trump suggested that no public gathering containing more than 10 people be conducted. This is a measure being taken to cut off the exposure of the coronavirus. He also announced that this could carry into July or August.


"They think August, it could be July," Trump said in reference to what he's been told by the coronavirus task force, reports CBS News. "Could be longer than that. But I've asked that question many, many times."