Titles Just Added to Netflix

We're midway through October, but the ever-changing Netflix lineup has shown no signs of slowing down. Following the highly-anticipated release of Mindhunter this past Friday, the streaming service has continued adding some additional titles at the top of this week.

On Sunday, October 15, Netflix added quite a few movies and shows to its lineup. TV fans were given a couple of new seasons to binge through with LEGO City Season 1, and the sixth installment of West Coast Customs.

If you're more into the horror/thriller side of things, there are a couple of new additions for you. Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses is a documentary that follows the aftermath of a possession, while OtherLife is a scripted thriller about drugs and virtual realities.

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Keeping in line with the thriller theme, Netflix also added the 2016 film, Money. Starring Jesse Williams and Kellan Lutz, the series follows a couple of corporate spies engaged in a game of cat and mouse.

On Tuesday, October 17, Netflix is adding a new original stand-up comedy special. Coming from fan-favorite comedian Patton Oswalt, Annihilation is the latest hour-long special aiming to have fans in stitches.

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Photo Credit: Netflix