Netflix Users Demand 'Making a Murderer' Be Cancelled

A new online petition argues that Netflix should cancel Making a Murderer and even remove the first season from its streaming service.

The true crime docuseries was a huge hit when it first came out, and fans have been clamoring for a follow up. Netflix said back in January that a second season was in the works, though production is tricky as the case has been re-opened and re-examined.

The show follows the case of Steven Avery, who is in prison for alleged sexual assault and murder. However, the petition argues that the series has caused havoc for Avery's alleged victims and their families, and that Netflix should remove it to spare them further trauma.

"Steven Avery has a long history of abusing women (ex wife, ex gf's, cousins, etc.) as well as being accused of raping his niece (although she declined to press charges once he was charged with murder)," the petition says.

"Not to mention his nephew's confession which highlights Steven Avery's rape and murder of Teresa Halbach. Both of Steven's brothers have also been both accused and convicted of sexual assault on women. His ex defense lawyer Jerry Buting has publicly advocated for the rights of child molestors and sexual deviants on social media. The list goes on and on."


The petition makes a unique and tricky argument, as it implies that the Netflix series is biased, which isn't an easy thing to objectively prove.

The writer argues that since Netflix fired Kevin Spacey and cancelled Louis C.K.'s special, they should cancel this show as well. However, Avery is already being prosecuted for his alleged crimes, and the show focuses on those proceedings.