Netflix Fans Furious Over New Series 'Don't F— With Cats'

Netflix recently debuted a new series called Don't F With Cats, and fans of the streaming service are furious over it. The limited docuseries' title is a slightly misleading, as it is not necessarily about cats, but is a true crime documentary about internet users from all over the globe uniting to try and track down the identity of a man who filmed himself abusing two kittens and posted the clip online. As the amateur sleuths begin to close in on the alleged suspect, it's revealed that he has taken his crimes to a new, and terrifying, level.

Potential Spoilers Below for Don't F With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

Netflix users have since been commenting on the streaming service's post about the docuseries, and many of them are not thrilled about how the subject matter, predominantly covering the murder of Jun Lin by serial killer, Luka Magnotta was approached or handled, as many did not know what they were signing up for when they hit "play."

"I thought this was about the movie Cats. Imagine my disappointment clicking on this video," one viewer wrote. "Also, seems like it may be time to call it quits for this workday."

"I'm glad I canceled your service and switched to Disney+. Keep your murder exploitation doc and its inclusion of animal snuff film," another user chided. "I'll be glad when your money pit of a company goes under in 5 5 years and the idiot cowards that run your company can find something better to do."

"Just because you're not a tv network doesn't mean your audience wants the full gory details, that's not what true crime is for," someone else tweeted. "This show is exploitative torture porn and it's fairly obvious it was only made to rile us all up so it trends on Twitter."

Don't F With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is now streaming on Netflix.


Photo Credit: Netflix