Netflix's 'Dead to Me': When Will Season 2 Premiere?

The first season of Dead to Me left its fans on a major cliffhanger and many viewers are wondering [...]

The first season of Dead to Me left its fans on a major cliffhanger and many viewers are wondering when the next season will return. While no official announcement has been made as to a premiere date, it's safe to assume that the dark comedy starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will come back some time in the spring or the summer, at the latest.

Netflix dropped Season 1 last May, but the series hasn't been given a premiere date yet on their release calendar. The series was quickly renewed after its debut season. Applegate was the first to make the announcement on her social media.

She posted a photo of her and her co-star at a red carpet event.

"My girl, we got more time together," she wrote. "I love you."

The show was created by Liz Feldman with Applegate also serving as an executive producer alongside Feldman. Adam McKay and Will Ferrell with Gloria Sanchez Productions are also behind the show.

All of the show's major cast and producers are coming back for the third season.

As for that major cliffhanger, viewers were left with a haunting sight as Judy, played by Cardellini, and Jen, played by Applegate, stood over a pool where Judy's ex-fiance, Steve, floated after being shot by seemingly one of them. That's where the show wrapped up, leaving fans wondering what will happen next.

Feldman, though, has teased that the ending isn't exactly what you think. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, she said that killing Steve wasn't in the plans but a late-minute switch had them thinking this was the perfect move.

"When he pitched that, everybody in the room had this moment where we felt like, 'Oh s--- yeah, that's going to need to happen,'" she said. "It just made so much sense for what the overarching themes of the season were and it folded so beautifully into that and so darkly into the framework that we were setting up that it just felt like it's a big swing, let's take it."

She also added that it's no as clear as viewers think as to who shot him.

Not much more was revealed by Feldman as to what fans can expect in the upcoming season, but the series will continue to delve deeper into its dark comedy.

"This show will always be a show that explores the dark sides and the light sides of grief, loss, forgiveness and friendship. So suffice to say, there will be more darkness," she said.