Netflix's 'Bad Blood': Kim Coates Dishes on What to Expect in Season 2

The Citytv series Bad Blood has finally made a splash in the U.S. after Netflix released Season 1 [...]

The Citytv series Bad Blood has finally made a splash in the U.S. after Netflix released Season 1 on Dec. 7. For fans that have already binged the six-episode season, star Kim Coates gave us the scoop on what to expect from Season 2. chatted with the 62-year-old actor ahead of the crime drama's Season 2 run, which began in Canada Oct. 11. There's no official word yet on if or when Netflix will add the new episodes to its U.S. service, but Coates offered plenty of insight on what fans can expect.

Coates, also known for his role on Sons of Anarchy, points out Season 2 has changed in visual style. He hyped up the higher quality look of the new episodes, which he compares to that of a 35-mm film.

"The first season was docudrama style. It was almost like a documentary. It wasn't. It was real, live action. But it was almost like you feel like were watching a documentary, which I think was part of the strength of the first season," Coates said. "Second season, as you know, technology continues to change. ... It looks like a 35-mm movie, No. 1, now. The look is spectacular. There's nothing better looking than what these cameras can do now, and how we shot it."

Aside from the visuals, Coates teased the storyline ahead. His character, Declan Gardiner, is now in command and will do whatever it takes to stay in control.

"It's five years later. Declan's in a much different place now," he said. "He's ruthless. He doesn't trust anybody. His love affair with Vito is long gone. But he's come to the top."

He also teases a romantic interest for Declan, a First Nation woman named Rose Sunwind (Sharon Taylor) he meets through a business dealing. There is also a bit of family drama during the eight-episode season, as Declan grows closer to his nephew Reggie Ross (Ryan McDonald).

"He runs into a nephew that he didn't know he had," Coates teased. "He takes him under his wing. He's never been a big brother to anybody other than his little sister, who died at a young age. Before she died, she had this child that I didn't know that she had. I bring him under my wing, to try and protect him, to try and protect him from not doing what I do. That's fascinating to watch."

However, the biggest storyline of Bad Blood Season 2 comes in the form of a mob war initiated by a pair of Italian siblings.

"The spice of it all is this Italian family that comes over from Calabria to take over everything that I've done. They want to take over Montreal completely," he said. "It's brutal, what happens. It's brutal and beautiful, and yelling and screaming, and passion between their family and mine. The coming together of these two Goliaths at the end ... The ending is like no other ending I've ever seen."

Season 1 of Bad Blood is currently streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Citytv