Here's Everything Netflix Added Today

Today, Netflix is adding a healthy dose of holiday cheer and royalty for its audience.

Following additions made earlier this month, like A StoryBots Christmas, Dark: Season 1, and Easy: Season 2, Netflix is continuing with releases of more of the streaming service's originals. On Dec. 8, Netflix will be adding both El Camino Christmas and The Crown: Season 2, just in time for the weekend, giving you plenty of time to watch.

Taking place in the fictitious town of El Camino, Nevada, El Camino Christmas follows the story of a young man seeking the father he has never met, leading to him ending up being barricaded inside of a liquor store with five strangers on Christmas Eve.

Following it's hit first season, The Crown: Season 2, will turn its focus towards Queen Elizabeth II's husband this season, with Prince Phillip having a more prominent role. It is also alleged that the royal marriage between the two will be the focus of the second season.


Netflix still has a lot of tricks up its sleeve for the remainder of the month, too, with Netflix Original movie Christmas Inheritance premiering later in the month. New episodes of Fuller House: Season 3 are also expected to drop towards the end of the month.