Twitter Says Netflix Nailed It With New Show 'Nailed It'

Netflix has a new hit on its hands with Nailed It, a baking show unlike anything else on TV.

For the uninformed, Nailed It is a baking competition not unlike other shows, including Cutthroat Kitchen and Cooks vs. Cons. It features chefs battling against each other for a cash prize, but there is a twist: none of the bakers are very good.

They all know how to bake, but they are nowhere near up to the standards the show's tasks demand. Nailed It's judges, led by comedian Nicole Byer and baker Jacques Torres, challenge each episode's three bakers to recreate intricate baked goods.

Elaborate cakes with crazy designs are virtually impossible to pull off on such short notice, but the competitors try their best, with the best looking and tasting concoction winning it all.

Fans on Twitter are absolutely loving the series, both for its comedy and relatable fails.

"I can't stop laughing!" one Twitter wrote about the show. "Nicole Byer, how do you guys even make a decision!?"

Another user wrote, "I am DYING at Nailed It. Oh my God. This is the best show ever."

Aside from praising the show, one of the most common aspects of conversation around the show is the desire for more episodes. The first season is made up only six episodes, so Netflix users have already binged them and are hungry for me.

"Nailed It is the best thing since poorly sliced bread," Adam Ruins Everything producer Sam Reich wrote. "I need a million more episodes please and thank you."

Twitter use Daniel Falconer added, "Can't believe I've been sleeping on Nicole Byer until Nailed It came along. Season 2 soon please!"

Netflix has not yet greenlit Nailed It for season 2.


All six episodes of Nailed It's first season are currently streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix