'Love Is Blind' Fans Lash out at Jessica Batten for Straying From Her Engagement

After finding love in the pods on Love is Blind, Jessica Batten experienced a whirlwind, and very public, love story with Mark Cuevas, who became her fiancé before she ever laid eyes on him. Throughout the first season of the Netflix series, Batten seemingly struggled with her engagement to Cuevas, and fans had plenty to say about the pair's dramatic relationship journey, as Reality Titbit noted.

Spoilers ahead for Love is Blind Season 1.

Batten is a 34-year-old regional manager from Rock Falls, Illinois and went on Love is Blind to try and form a genuine connection with someone, sight unseen. Ultimately, she did manage to find that connection with Cuevas, a 24-year-old personal trainer who is also from Illinois. However, when it came time to wed at the end of this Netflix experiment, Batten told her fiancé at the altar that she could not marry him and the couple ended up going their separate ways.

Fans were particularly vocal about how Batten and Cuevas' journey ended and spoke out about the matter on social media.

"Mark is so pure and I knew Jessica was going to break his heart," one viewer wrote.

"Twitter, please find our dear Marky Mark a nice woman because he's over here talking crazy as if he'd like to make it work with Jessica. I cannot," another viewer wrote.

Batten and Cuevas may not have ended up together after the show, but that doesn't mean that there's any bad blood between them. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Batten opened up about her time on the show and further detailed why her relationship with Cuevas didn't work out.


"I know he's had some stuff going on in his personal life so we've just been texting back and forth," she said about where she and Cuevas stand today. "But before that it had been a while since we';d spoke. We had some off the record conversations on multiple occasions that we weren't ready to get married, so that wedding day was a big surprise to me. It was pretty traumatic with how that went down. We didn't talk for a while but when I saw him last week, we've been chatting back and forth, I have nothing but love for him. He and I weren't meant to be but I'd love to continue a friendship with him."

All episodes of Love is Blind Season 1 are currently streaming on Netflix.