Leslie Odom Jr. Teases Apple TV+'s 'Central Park' Season 2 Guest List Will 'Blow Your Mind' (Exclusive)

The award-winning and Emmy-nominated Central Park is back for Season 2 on Friday, June 25 and one [...]

The award-winning and Emmy-nominated Central Park is back for Season 2 on Friday, June 25 and one of the show's voice actors, Leslie Odom Jr., is revealing how fans can expect a guest-starring list that will "blow your mind." In an exclusive with PopCulture.com to promote his newest musical project alongside his wife Nicolette Robinson for Bayer-Aspirin, Odom reveals the sophomore season of the refreshing and effervescent musical comedy will welcome a slew of guest voice cast members and songwriters in addition to an "evolution" in its comedy.

"The Tillermans are still the Tillermans," Odom told PopCulture. "We as a company, though, as a company of creators, we've gotten better and making our thing. I think that the jokes are funny, the songs are incredible this season — such good music and the songwriters, the list is going to blow your mind."

According to a report from Deadline last week, co-creator Loren Bouchard revealed a lineup of guest stars, including Yvette Nicole Brown, Billy Porter, Tom Lennon, Patti Lupone, Jennifer Lewis, Ellie Kemper, Dan Stevens and Javier Munoz. Among the guest songwriters, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Rufus Wainright, Michael Buble and Shaggy will also be lending their musical talents.

The Knives Out 2 actor goes on to share with PopCulture how "there's [an] evolution in the quality" of Central Park this time around as compared to the first season, which he is "really proud" of. "I think that people are going to really delight in Season 2," he said, adding how one of the fun parts of the show is how reliable the characters are.

"Part of the fun of The Simpsons or Family Guy or Bob's Burgers, these characters […] we can count on them. If it's a family that you like spending time with, part of the thing about animation is that they don't grow much. They certainly don't grow the kids. Bart Simpson is still around 9 years old," he laughed.

Expressing he is thrilled Central Park has been renewed for Season 3 by Apple TV+, Odom humbly admits he is enjoying "so much" in being part of a show like Central Park where he gets to sing about things like pizza. "There's no other reason to make that jokes except to bring joy to people. I am having great fun and I'm glad that we get to keep doing it," he said, adding how he has had plenty of standout moments from the series since its debut last summer.

"I have to say Season 2 is even better than Season 1, [and] I think that the there's some standout moments coming [this season]," he said, revealing the pilot was one of his favorites. "That pilot is really strong. We worked on it really hard for a long time, for a few years we worked on that pilot, and then I think that if you haven't had a chance to check out Central Park yet, check out the pilot and you'll see what the show is capable of. It's really kind of a good sampling of all that [the] show has to offer."

Central Park Season 2 begins streaming on Apple TV+ Friday, June 25 with episodes dropping weekly. For more on the series and all your streaming programming, stay tuned to the latest from PopCulture.com!