'Kin': Exclusive Preview Teases 'Harsh New Reality' for Michael on AMC+ Drama

The fourth episode of AMC's new Irish crime drama, Kin is nearly here, and with it, a "harsh new reality" for the Kinsellas. In an exclusive preview of this Thursday's episode, Frank (Aidan Gillen) tries to convince Michael (Charlie Cox) that his crimes have irreparably damaged his hopes of seeing his daughter again. Warning: there are spoilers for the first three episodes of Kin ahead!

The clip finds Michael, Frank, Jimmy (Emmett J. Scanlan) and Dotser (Neill Fleming) standing outside Jimmy's home having a difficult conversation about recent events in the Dublin crime world. If you've followed the first three episodes so far, you'll know that Michael and Jimmy disobeyed Frank and murdered Caolan Moore (Lloyd Cooney) in retribution for the shooting of Jimmy's son, Anthony. The two are still not willing to admit what they did to Frank, but that won't stop him from confronting them with the reality of this crime.

Michael and Jimmy are still maintaining an illusion of anonymity in the murder. Still, Frank is practically vindictive as he bursts that bubble, saying: "The papers as good as named you. No court is going to give you access to Anna. Not now." As he speaks, Cox maintains a masterfully neutral expression, leaving the audience to wonder what is going through his head.

Cox told PopCulture.com that his character's relationship with his daughter Anna (Hanna Adeogun) is one of the things that really drew him to this role. In an exclusive interview last month, he said: "I was really interested in that dynamic between Michael and Anna, and I was fascinated by this idea of this guy who, in some ways, is kind of not a very good person and not a very nice person, and has caused great pain and suffering to other people, and has been incredibly violent and destructive — and at the same time, is still a really good dad and a really good father, and is greatly loved by his daughter."

"And then, suddenly, he's taken away from her and it's so horrendous for him that whilst he's in prison, he decided to completely change his life and try to almost make a U-turn," he continued. Cox said that the layers to this relationship are "really rich for an actor, and something I was really excited to get sucked into."

This week will mark the halfway point for Kin Season 1, and the show has plenty of more surprises in store — both for the audience and for its characters. Harsh truths like this will continue to daunt the Kinsella family until the season wraps up next month. Kin airs on Thursdays on AMC+.