Johns Stamos Loses it Over ‘Fuller House’ Cancellation, Gets His Own Netflix Show for April Fools’ Day

John Stamos and Netflix undertook an elaborate April Fool's Day joke on social media this week, faking the cancellation of Fuller House and promising a new show in its place.

Stamos and Netflix have teamed up for online pranks before, but this year's went above and beyond. The whole thing started with a reportedly leaked video of Stamos having a tantrum in the Netflix offices. In it, he raged, yelled and threw things, apparently furious over the cancellation of Fuller House.

"@Netflix I call it S— FLIX," Stamos tweeted alongside the video, adding that the streaming giant was "cancelling @FullerHouse so prematurely!!!"

Of course, given the date and Stamos' history of pranks, many fans jumped right to the conclusion that it was an April Fool's stunt. However, the cancellation seemed plausible to some, as Fuller House has been connected to the college admission bribery scandal through star Lori Loughlin.

The gag did not stop there. A few hours later, Stamos posted another video of Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Serandos speaking directly to the camera at his desk. Serandos referenced the earlier video, suggesting that it had gotten a lot of media coverage that he had to address.

"I'm here to tell you that, not only was John Stamos' behavior appropriate, it was in reaction to my wildly inappropriate behavior," he said. "John gave us a great idea to do an original series on the life of John Stamos. Not only did I not get the nuanced idea of it all, I mistakenly made light of it."

The camera eventually zoomed out, revealing Stamos standing behind Serandos with crossed arms. Serandos promised fans that a new docuseries about the life of John Stamos was now in production. At the end of the clip, Stamos handed Serandos a piece of paper, commanding him to "read it."

"Doesn't John Stamos look great?" he asked. The actor nodded with reluctant acceptance, patting Serandos' shoulder.


The idea of Stamos' self-indulgent docuseries has featured in Netflix's April Fool's Day pranks for years now. In 2016, the streaming service produced a mock trailer for the show, with Stamos reading his own voice-over about his many accomplishments. The screen flashed with triumphant clips and photos of Stamos over the years for a show titled Stamos: A Human, Being.

The most important news here, of course, is that Fuller House is safe. The 90s sitcom reboot has a fifth season on the way, though production has hit a bit of a snag as writers look for a way to tastefully excuse Aunt Becky (Loughlin) from the series.