Netflix Loses Major Collaborator Over Dave Chappelle's Transphobic Comedy Special

The showrunner and writer on the Netflix drama series Dear White People is not happy with the company. Jaclyn Moore, who is also part of the team for the reboot of Queer as Folk, is boycotting the streaming service because of their recently released Dave Chappelle's latest standup comedy special, The Closer. Throughout the performance, Chappelle aims many jokes at the transgender community

During one segment, Chappelle said he was "team TERF," a term for "trans-exclusionary radical feminist." He also joked about trans women's private parts and said that "gender is a fact" while throwing in a story about him having a fight and beating up a lesbian woman. Chapelle's jokes come amid the fight to end trans-brutality, where many trans people of color are being harassed, tormented, and killed.

Moore recently tweeted that she "will not work with [Netflix] as long as they continue to put out and profit from blatantly and dangerously homophobic content." She also noted that Chappelle was once "one of [her] heroes," but that his comedy in his recent special "have real world consequences." "So when he says people should be mad a trans woman won a 'Woman of the Year' award...When he misgenders..When he says he should've told that mother her daughter WAS A DUDE...I just can't...I can't be a part of a company that thinks that's worth putting out and celebrating," she added.


In an interview with Variety, she spoke more in-depth about her stance to boycott Netflix and her disappointment with Chappelle. "I do believe in freedom of speech," she told Variety's Marc Malkin. "I really do. But I have the freedom of speech to say that somebody's speech bothers me, and I don't want to work with a company that promotes that speech. It's dangerous. It's dangerous language. I can't say it any clearer."