'Haters Back Off' Cancelled by Netflix After Two Seasons

Netflix has cancelled the comedy series Haters Back Off! after two seasons.

The show centered around Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballinger), an "incredibly confident, totally untalented" young woman who thinks she was destined to become famous. The show focuses on Miranda's day-to-day family life with her father (Steve Little) and mother (Angela Kinsey) as she tries to get noticed by the world.

Miranda Sings was originally a character created by Ballinger on YouTube, with the character's YouTube channel currently boasting 8.3 million subscribers.

Ballinger alluded to the cancellation on her personal YouTube channel on Friday, saying "really sad news" was about to break about the show, but she wasn't ready to talk about it in detail.

She did however share a quick note about the cancellation on Twitter, along with a several photos with her co-stars.


"I put my heart and soul into this show and finding out this news has left me heartbroken," Ballinger wrote. "I desperately wish I could continue telling the story of Haters Back Off!, but I'm extremely grateful for the experience and for all of you for making it happen."

Photo Credit: Netflix / Serguei Baschlakov