'GLOW' Actress Britt Baron Reflects on Show's Early Days Ahead of Season 4 Premiere (Exclusive)

Later this year, the groundbreaking wrestling drama-comedy GLOW will enter production for its [...]

Later this year, the groundbreaking wrestling drama-comedy GLOW will enter production for its fourth and final season on Netflix, and while reflecting on the series, actress Britt Baron admits that when she initially signed on and was required to do a "month of training," she had no further details about who or "what [her] character" was all about.

While exclusively chatting with PopCulture.com, Baron explained that she had no idea how Justine's story was going to evolve over the course of the Goldon Globe-nominated series. "I think we had a pilot at that point, and in the pilot, all I say is, 'I'm 18,' and I'm clearly lying. That's about as much as I knew about my character."

Baron went on to share that while she did have meetings with GLOW showrunners Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, it was at one point that they informed her that she would be playing the daughter of Sam Sylvia played by Marc Maron.

"But even then, they didn't tell me how we were going to find that out or really anything else," she admitted, later sharing how they "never really know anything."

"The script will just be sent out to us. Now, as the seasons have progressed, and they will do spinoff episodes, we get the scripts, and we don't even know if we're in that episode until we read it," Baron said. "The writers keep it pretty locked up, which is exciting, I think. It's a definitely a different challenge."

Comparing it to doing a film, Baron explained that "when you do movies, you read the whole script, so you know where your character is going. You see the finish line. With TV, each season, [Justine's] developed in a way that is so unexpected to me."

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Even though Justine's storyline has catapulted her into a different direction, as of Season 3, Baron said that she always knew the character was "going to still wrestle" because she, as an actress "loved wrestling."

"I saw a totally different trajectory for her, but this has been such an exciting development," she continued. "It's been really such a joy, especially in season three, to see her grow, because in season two, when she was living with Sam, and her mom comes, you see Justine in a very childish, very innocent way. She clearly just really wants the love and acceptance from her father."

However, Baron went on to say: "I think in season three, she comes in with this new haircut, new style, sense of self, which was so fun to get to play. It's crazy how much hair and wardrobe can affect the performance, because I felt, the second they took away my Converse and my jeans and band t-shirts, and put me in some kind of Amy Heckerling type clothing, it felt like, wow, she's a different person."

"She's transformed, which, I think, a lot of people do at that age. That's the age when you're figuring out what kind of hat do I want to wear. Who am I today versus last week? You're trying on different personas," Baron added. "I think it's really exciting to see her become such a confident, smart, intelligent young woman, because in the first season, she can barely speak or make eye contact with people."

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While Baron has a lot to say about the first three seasons of GLOW, Season 4 is still a mystery to her as of now. "I don't know anything. I haven't gotten any scripts yet," she shared, when asked if there was anything she could reveal from the upcoming season.

"I'm assuming that, obviously, we're back in Los Angeles, because that's how season three ended, but I don't even know where we're filming in terms of studios, because last season we moved downtown, because they had to build new sets for the casino with higher ceilings," Baron added. "I don't know if we're going back to the old gym. I don't know. But I'm excited that at least we know it's our final season."

"I think the writers will really do all of us justice in terms of wrapping up our story lines in a way that all these characters deserve," she said, then adding with a laugh, "They probably don't tell us anything, yeah, because they don't trust us."

Seasons 1-3 of GLOW are now streaming on Netflix. At this time, Season 4 does not have an announced premiere date.

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