'GLOW' Actress Kimmy Gatewood Talks Big Season 3 Finale Cliffhanger: 'Oh My God' (Exclusive)

UPDATE: Netflix announced Friday GLOW will return for a foruth and final season in 2020.GLOW ended [...]

UPDATE: Netflix announced Friday GLOW will return for a foruth and final season in 2020.

GLOW ended its latest season with a massive cliffhanger, setting up an exciting, and still uncertain, new chapter for the Netflix series. The critically-acclaimed comedy series wrapped up its third season — released on August 9 but spoiler alert just in case! — with Debbie (Betty Gilpin) swooping in and stealing her boyfriend's business deal, with ambitious plans to adapt the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling world into a new television network.

The big twist also included a hiccup in her plans, when Ruth (Alison Brie) made the choice to walk away from the big opportunity, seemingly giving up on her dreams for good.

Kimmy Gatewood, who stars on the beloved series as Stacey Beswick, told PopCulture.com her reaction to the big finale cliffhanger was a big "Oh my God!"

"First of all, so excited for Debbie because... I felt so proud of her as a character, that she really, she did it," Gatewood said during a phone interview Friday, Sept. 13. "You're very used to seeing these young women with older men on screen and you know, it was really awesome to see her be like, 'Sure I'll date this guy.' Recognize it for what it was, and then decide to just pull out his business from right under his nose. I thought that was awesome."

"It was an awesome twist and then it made me so sad," she added. "I was so angry at Ruth when she just walked away. But you know, that's very, very like her character. She's always getting in her own way."

The finale also featured the ladies of GLOW celebrating the holiday season with a special Christmas pageant as part of their Las Vegas residency. Gatewood called the sequence "one of the most fun things we've ever done."

While the series has not been renewed for Season 4 yet, Gatewood told PopCulture.com she is staying "positive" about the streaming service ordering more episodes.

The actress and director also shared her hopes for the future of the show, including her dream love interest for Stacey.

"What I would really like is obviously with Debbie running the television network, maybe we can also pitch out some new characters. And I want Stacey and Dawn (played by Gatewood's real-life best friend and collaborator Rebekka Johnson) to come out with a couple of new, crazy duos," she said.

"I think that would be awesome. And then I would love to have some scenes with Rhonda (Kate Nash). She's really fun. I think Stacey and Ruth never talk to each other. I think that would be fun to see them in the same world," she continued. "But most of all, I would love Stacey to start dating like a drummer of a sh-ty band."

"You see her kind of get back into her roots of like Metallica or whatever. Not Metallica, like Guns N' Roses. See her getting back into trouble, you know? I think that would be a lot of fun," Gatewood added.

While fans wait for news on GLOW's fate, Gatewood and Johnson teamed up once again for the short film Consent: A Short Comedy About a Serious Subject. Directed by Gatewood and starring Johnson, the film tackles the subject of harassment with a gender-flipped allegory. The film is currently being shown in the film festivals and is set to be released to the public on Vimeo very soon.

The first three seasons of GLOW are available to stream now on Netflix.