'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Premiere: HBO App Reportedly Crashes, Fans Furious

Like clockwork, HBO's app is facing an onslaught of users trying to tune into watch the premiere of Game of Thrones season 8. And according to fans on social media, they're experiencing problems with the services offered by the network.

Many tried to will the network to stay afloat and not crash due to the pressure on the servers, but in the end it didn't work out. It almost isn't worth it to get outraged at this point, it should've been expected. Still, many did and let their frustrations out online.

A flood of fans that tried to tune in to the series premiere of the fantasy epic were greeted with slow loading times and crashes on HBO's Go and Now apps. The reactions across the board ranged from acceptance of what they can't control and absolute anger at the network for not thinking this through once again.

"glad i'm not the only one dealing with the HBO GO crash as soon as i click play on [Game of Thrones] so dumb," one user wrote. Many others echoed these sentiments, just noting that their app wasn't playing or constantly crashed, usually with a wealth of crying face emojis.

"I really just stayed up till 3am to watch game of thrones on a work night for [HBO] now to crash and every other app that I'd be able to watch it on to suddenly not work. Kinda just done with everything [right now]," another user added, highlighting how the premiere is a global issue and the stress on HBO is very real at this point.

Others were ready to mourn the loss of their premiere for the episode, hoping to join with others to bond over the sour monkey wrench that was tossed in their Sunday night plans.

"We're all just sitting in silence, mourning the horrific HBO GO crash of 2019," a somber fan wrote on Twitter.

All of this might seem like the premiere of the final season is a failure for all fans, but that isn't true. There are plenty of fans that are enjoying the premiere without delay. They're on cable and they're prepared to pour salt in the wounds all over the internet.

"While some may be experiencing a server crash for HBO's online streaming services, cable subscribers everywhere rejoice there is not an outage during [Game of Thrones]," a fan watching at home decided to post online.

Others who managed to get in on the streaming services also shared their triumphs online, even if they were hard fought in the end.