FX Killing Ad-Free Subscription Service FX+ Next Month, and Fans Are Heated

The FX Network is dropping FX+, its ad-free streaming service next month, and subscribers are not pleased. The move was announced abruptly on the FX+ website, less than two years after the service went live. With so many streaming services now popping up, this may actually be one case of two services combining into one.

FX+ became available in September of 2017. On Monday, the service revealed it would soon close down, but according to a report by Ad Week, that could be good news for subscribers. It claims that Fox's new parent company, Disney, is looking to drive programming and resources from FX+ directly into its newly acquired Hulu. At the end of the day, that means one less subscription for fans to pay.

Still, many are sad to see the distinctive little platform go. In a statement given to Ad Week, FX Network assured viewers that it would still stand on its own even as it finds its place in this increasingly united media landscape.

“On Aug. 21, FX Networks will cease operation of its direct-to-consumer nonlinear service, FX+," it said. "We deeply appreciate every fan of FX original series who subscribed to our service, and we are more optimistic and excited than ever about FX’s future as a key brand supporting the strategic priorities of The Walt Disney Company.”

FX+ was a great deal for viewers from the very start. At first, it gave cable and satellite subscribers access to stream their favorite FX shows commercial free. It also launched an independent subscription option for cable cutters for just $6 per month.

For that price, fans got access to a nearly complete library of FX and FXX's shows, both old and new. This included currently running series and big TV heavy hitters, such as Atlanta and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. All of this came without ads.

FX+ was not the first service of its kind — following on the heels of CBS All Access and a few others — but it did help pave the way for networks and cable channels navigating the age of streaming.

Other outlets have followed suit, including AMC Premiere, which allows subscribers to watch certain AMC series ad-free for $5 per month. This makes existing networks more competitive with services like Netflix and HBO, both practically and optically.


Still, the dissolution of FX+ is good news, in a way, for those that are daunted by news of upcoming services like Apple TV+, HBO Max and Disney+. Many are complaining that paying so many subscriptions will soon add up to the same as a cable bill. There was further outrage when Disney acquired Hulu not long after announcing Disney+, which some saw as redundant.

Now, at least, it looks like companies are willing to merge these services when applicable. FX+ will remain live until Aug. 21, 2019.