Fan-Favorite Comedy Series Leaving Netflix for Peacock in July

Netflix is losing another fan-favorite series. The beloved sitcom 30 Rock is leaving Netflix next month, so get your binge-watching done now. There is just over a month until all seven seasons of the series disappear from Netflix's catalog on Sunday, July 31. However, after that, you could always pick up your marathon over on Peacock.

30 Rock was included in Netflix's list of departure announcements for July, and it may be one of the most popular titles on the list. The show originally aired on NBC from 2006 to 2013, so it's no surprise that it has been called home to NBC's streaming service Peacock. The way things are going, it seems like Peacock will be the most reliable place for binge-watchers and re-watchers to catch 30 Rock. Most studios and media companies are doing their best to end their licensing agreements and get their intellectual property onto a streamer that they share an affiliation with.

Still, if you've been meaning to get around to watching 30 Rock this is a great excuse to do so. The show is iconic for a reason -- it seamlessly combines a single-camera sitcom setup with satire and absurdism all while introducing you to characters you find yourself loving against all odds. The show was created by Tina Fey and is a parody of Saturday Night Live at its core. It is about the writers, producers and stars of a variety show produced in 30 Rockefeller Center for a fictional version of NBC.

Fey plays Liz Lemon, the creator and head writer of 30 Rock's central show The Girly Show -- later rebranded TGS. Alec Baldwin plays her boss, network executive Jack Donaghy. Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski play the two stars of the show, Tracy Jordan and Jenna Maroney, respectively. Scott Adsit plays producer Pete Hornberger and Jack McBrayer plays the unflappable NBC page, Kenneth Ellen Parcell.

The show started as early as 2002 when Fey was still the head writer for SNL itself. She originally envisioned 30 Rock as a parody of cable news, but gradually found it easier to focus on her personal experience on SNL. Fey later wrote about her experience developing the show in her memoir Bossypants.


You can stream 30 Rock on Netflix until Sunday, July 31. You can also stream it on Peacock, where there are no plans to remove it from the catalog as far as we know.